Distributions & Acquisitions

conventional distribution

  • Mediastream expertise covers all aspects of  distribution & placement carriage of independent TV channels as well as bouquets of channels at hotel rooms and commercial locations like restaurants and public places across the region.


  • Our expertise also covers distribution of independent content in a VOD format for Local Cable Networks and within commercial locations like hotels and resorts, delivered through existing mediums and existing cable based infrastructure, setting up of a basic local PC based server which is linked to the hotel billing system. 


  • Mediastream personnel have longstanding distribution related relationships with operators/hotels/commercial establishments /cable networks & IPTV networks across the region whereby channel carriage can be effectively rolled out in a significantly short period compared to many other local distributors or in the case where the channel distributes/solicits carriage itself.

  • The region is experiencing a phenomenal explosion in New Media modes of distribution inspite of recession. The Telecom industry continues to move forward in its expansion across the region. This is primarily because communication and related entertainment has now become more of an essential commodity than ever before.


  • The ever expanding evolutionary trends of new technology bring with them more adaptability and user friendliness which will catalyze the take up of such value added services on IP based platforms and mobile platforms. Mediastream plays a vital role here with its multitude of business relationships with service providers across the region.


  • Mediastream provides content and technology solutions to TELCOs / Mobile content providers/ Mobile technology providers as well as mobile phone manufacturers and portals delivering mobile content as part of their repertoire.


  • Using its own networking skills, business relationships and goodwill within the telecom industry Mediastream can move content or conversely entire channels speedily into the TELCOM networks across the region.

  • Mediastream endeavours to acquire content from sources worldwide though focusing on content primarily from South Asian sourcesbeing an area of our core expertise.


  • Acquisition of content is based on the long standing experience and extensive contacts and networking achieved over the last decade.


  • Licensing is conducted on a rigorous research process to ensure end users get good quality authentic content in the format of their choice as demanded by their commercial requirements.


  • Legally copyrighted material is a benchmark and no unauthorized content is disseminated in the interested of the rights of the performers and copyright holders.


  • Mediastream specialises aggregation of  movie and television content from the Indian sub Continent & Pakistan.

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New Media Distribution

World Wide content acquisitions