• One of the central issues facing content providers is ease of access, language based packaging & satisfactory reception of quality content by the audience in free or subscribed modes.


  • Understanding of the quality and genre of affordable and easily accessible content as applied to regional audiences being the key to success.


  • Disaggregation - in other words, the end of the mass market. As audiences find ever more convenient methods to access media, content providers must find a method to support all of these preferences in order to re-aggregate an audience of sufficient size to continue to support your business.


  • Mediastream is a vital part of the next generation multimedia ecosystem - the missing link for connecting video services for content providers and last-mile distributors who want to be at the forefront of opportunities presented by the addition of video to any multimedia service bundling, let us take on the burden of navigating through the complicated regulatory landscape, enabling you to legally deploy services, enhance your subscribers' experience and extract more value from existing infrastructure investments.

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